Windsurfing – Let’s Get Started

Often when getting into a new hobby or sport
it can be hard to know where to begin,
particularly with something like windsurfing.
In our blog you can read all information about this sport
and all water revels.

Windsurfing Categories


This is the most common of all the styles of windsurfing, freeriding doesn’t require you to ride in any particular fashion but rather any way you like, just at the name suggests


Freestyle is a thrilling style to watch, it is usually carried out on calm waters and really shows off the capabilities of the sport in all their glory


The wave style is much like the freestyle category, only rather than tricks being performs on flatter waters (you guessed it) they are instead performed on the open waves.

Top Windsurfing Spots in the World

If you’re looking at riding the waves, you’ll need to look at wind conditions too,
don’t worry though we have you covered.
Here are a few excellent spots for enjoying both the sun and the


Lake Arenal



Red Sea

Riding the Wave to Windsurfing!

Windsurfing itself is a relatively new activity having been invented around the mid-1960s.
It’s a water sport that mixes elements of both surfing and sailing,
in fact the board is essentially a surfboard with a sail (to put it crudely) that the rider operates stood up in order to reach some the fastest speed possible by any sail powered vessel available.

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