Buying a Windsurf Sail – Choosing The Right One

Buying a Windsurf Sail - Choosing The Right One

Buying a Windsurf Sail – Choosing The Right One

You may already know what to look for in a windsurf board, and you might have already bought one or looking to buy one. But that doesn’t change the fact that you’ll never have fewer sails than you’ll need at any given moment. You’ll have to replace sails more frequently since they wear down quicker. There are a few things you would want to keep an eye out for when you’re out to buy a sail. Buying the right one will both make your experience out on the water enjoyable and your pocket happy.

Sail’s Designed Environment

The first thing you’ll need to consider is the location that you’ll go sailing. It’s one of the essential things that you’ll have to know. Different environmental factors can affect what kind of sail you’ll have to buy. A sail that is designed to be used on a lake won’t work well when you use it on the ocean. Ensure that the sail you purchase is intended to be used wherever you plan to use it.

Sail’s Measurements

The environment that a sail is designed to be used in won’t be an easy tell of what its size is. Many people will have around three sails at a time. Although, professionals will have to keep more on hand. A different sail range is needed depending on the place you’ll be going to go windsurfing. You’ll need to focus on the place’s wind speed, and you’ll have to match the sail’s size with whatever the wind speed is at when it’s average. Once you know what size you need, ensure the sail is suited for your skill and weight.

Sail’s Type

Once you find out what environment you’ll be going windsurfing in, it’ll be less challenging for you to find out the type of sail you need to get. The first sail that you’ll most likely be getting is an all-round sail. An all-round sail is a freeride sail, but it doesn’t have any cambers. It isn’t solely designed for a specific kind of waves or wind, but even so, it works excellent enough. When you test each type of sail, you’ll get used to each kind. When you’re used to each kind, find the kind of sail that’s the best one for you.

Sail’s Brand

Other than the sails and their various types, the sail will have a comfort level that may depend on the model and brand of the sail. Some brands have designed their sails to absorb gusts of wind better, while some brands have their sails designed to be more responsive and direct. You may think that a sail where you can feel the intense power of the wind right away is better than a sail that is softer wherein they don’t get pulled around easily by unexpected gusts of wind. The brand of the sail is a reason why you should try the sail out before you commit to buying it. Make sure that you have a compatible mast, board, and fin since they’re all supposed to synergize greatly together.

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