Duration in the Water is Key to Your Windsurfing Learning Levels

Duration in the Water is Key to Your Windsurfing Learning Levels

Duration in the Water is Key to Your Windsurfing Learning Levels

Every beginner who starts windsurfing for the first time, find it very difficult to leave the water ever. Every time they get into the water, there is always no track of the time that is spent in the water as the windsurfing adventure keeps the adrenaline pumping through the veins. This is not just the case with beginners but also with people who are experts in windsurfing and who hit the waves almost every day. They all spend more time in the water that they intend to in the first place.

Give Yourself A Break

There is a simple explanation as to why many instructors and professionals who always windsurf advice to watch the time people spend in the water. Windsurfing is an activity that uses several muscle groups at the same time. There is coordination to consider, and the movements that the individuals perform soon becomes a very intuitive part of their time in the water. However, some elements in windsurfing are always changing. These are the wind, the current and the presence of other people around. These factors affect how manoeuvres are performed in the water when windsurfing, and there is a lot of jumping and gybing that comes into play, and yes, it is part of the adventure.

All of these elements require that the surfer has increased levels of concentration. Their energy is expended quickly, and their focus tends to decrease and well. These are the times you might remember that you come out of the water feeling exhausted after a day out in the waves. You hardly can think straight after a gruelling day and chalk it up to being part of the adventure. Health professionals compare the exhaustion levels that you experience after a long time in the water to that of having run a sprint or after you have fought. This is when the mistakes happen, and this is why time in the water is critical.

How to Manage Time in The Water

When you are a beginner, ensure that you spend a limited amount of time in the water. Allow yourself to fall off the board a few times but get back up. Stop at a point when you feel even the slightest bit of exhaustion. It can be rewarding to try again at another time when your body has revived, and your skill level would definitely gradually rise. Don’t expect to learn everything in one day and give yourself a break. For more advanced adventurers, ensure you take a break for about 2 to 5 mins when you have done a few jumps. Your body will thank you for the break, and you will find that the next time you get on the board, that you can perform better as well. Use the first 15 minutes for a warm-up ride and then stay on the board for about an hour at the most. Before or after your one hour, get off the board and take a break. Grab a very light snack and drink some water to hydrate and just wholly relax before you get back up. This will ensure your skill levels increase and your body can adjust to the water and the workout.

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