The World’s Most Extreme Water Sports – Part 1

Year after year it seems that we humans must figure out new and extreme ways to push ourselves to the limits and amp up our adrenaline factors to the max. Perhaps as office jobs and working behind a desk become more common, we find ourselves feeling less alive, the more comfortable we seem to feel in our lives the more we seem to figure out new ways to make life exciting again. Extreme sports could well be a remedy to what could be considered a mundane life, things like parkour, skydiving and even base jumping are fuelling adrenaline junkies all over the world.

It’s not just the land and the sky where we can amp up our fear factors and feel the thrills though, the water is also a great place to achieve this. As we’ve discussed before, humans have always liked to find ways to have fun on the water, through surfing, windsurfing, paddleboard and boating just to name a few. But what we’re going to take a look at today is the when people take these activities to the next level. There are so many extreme water sports out there, I suppose that’s because there is always a certain danger present out there on the ocean waves (unless you’re lucky enough to have a set of gills). So today we’re going to talk about some of the most extreme of those sports and what they entail.

Big Wave Surfing

Surfing is perhaps one of the most famous, well loved and oldest of all water sports, it’s certainly the most iconic with entire social communities built up around the sport. That doesn’t mean that it’s not dangerous, even at beginner level people participating need to take great care out there. Though the dangers of surfing pale in comparison to big wave surfing. Big wave surfing is much like your average version of surfing only here the waves that the surfers ride will be a minimum of around 6.2m, but that is the minimum. Seasoned surfers will often ride waves that come in somewhere around the 15m mark, some reaching even higher up to a whopping length of 24m. The pro’s absolutely love the thrills of riding the bad boys, but as much fun as they have may have the dangers are very real.

No matter how good a surfer you may be, you cannot control the sea, and that thing is well and truly unpredictable especially when waves are rising this high. Think about the size of them, the impact of being hit by one would be like getting hit by the Coca-Cola Christmas truck at full speed. Huge wipe-outs can pull a surfer up to 15m under water in an instant. The depth alone is an issue but add that to the possibility of hitting a reef, becoming disorientated, panicking and possibly even losing consciousness. It’s a sport to attempt at your own peril but many do and live to tell the thrilling tales.

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