The World’s Most Extreme Water Sports – Part 2

White Water Rafting

Another sport that’s perhaps best known for its recreational side, white water rafting can be far more challenging than what you may have experienced on a stag do. The great thing about this sport is that is can experiences on several different levels, from a simple river run for fun to an extreme challenge down a cavalcade of jagged rocks and agitated water. At lower levels it’s likely that a guide will help you by doing all the most difficult parts, though you’ll still need to use your arms to row and of course it helps if you can swim too.

The rapids are graded through six different levels, one being the easiest and six the toughest. For the first class the rapids will likely be flat with no waves or any obstructions making a perfect experience for the beginner level. As classes rise waves and obstructions increase, fourth and fifth class are expert level with powerful waves, raging rapids and plenty of obstacles to boot. The sixth class on the other hand is considered to be almost impossible for even the most seasoned rafter to navigate, this can be extremely dangerous and that’s why it’s perfect for the adrenaline junkies.

Cave Diving

On its surface cave diving can seem like nothing more than a form of exploration, it is after all exactly as the name describes, swimming down into the depths and exploring the caves beneath the waters. It may sound simple but cave diving is filled with all sorts of hazards and is considered to be one of the most dangerous forms of exploration going. The caves can often seem like labyrinths and the further you travel the more danger present. Not only that but you are really relying on your gear whilst down there, if anything should go wrong, such as running out of air, lights breaking, getting lost or worse yet trapped, you are very likely to meet your end.

If it’s such a dangerous activity why do it? This is less about getting a rush of adrenaline and more about the hidden wonder we might be able to see down there. Imagine seeing the amazing lifeforms that have grown down there in the dark, the possible hidden paradises, the promise of seeing the unknown, it’s the mystery that makes this so exciting.

Shark Diving

You’ve likely seen clips or pictures of people shark diving in large cages that protect them from these most iconic of the sea’s predators. But did you know there are places in the world where someone said “cages are for wimps”? Places where you can equip your scuba gear and go swimming amongst the sharks without protection? If you head to the Bahamas or South Africa you can swim amongst the sharks and see them in their natural habitat. Personally, I’d say it only takes one viewing of Jaws to know that this probably a very bad idea but it will certainly get that adrenaline going. 

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