Top Windsurfing Spots in the World – Part 2

Tarifa, Spain

It could be said that nowhere in Europe is better for windsurfing than Tarifa. This is a great place to visit for windsurfing due the powerful winds that pass through the Strait of Gibraltar creating some excellent choppy waters and crashing waves. Better still is that these winds continue throughout most of the year making any time a good time to visit. Waters here van be somewhat cooler, particularly between the autumn and winter seasons where they can drop to around 13°C so it could be worth packing a wetsuit here. What’s great however is that in Tarifa there is a seven mile stretch of beach making it great for all sorts of water sports, in case you want to dabble in a few others on your break.

Red Sea, Egypt

If you’re looking to ride those waves amongst one of histories most fascinating backdrops then why not take to the Red Sea in Egypt? Again, this is a place that sees excellent surfing conditions and winds all year round and you can always rely on great weather here. This is an excellent place to learn the craft, if you’re looking for lessons it’s certainly worth visiting Hurghada, Egypt’s premiere windsurfing resort. Here you can learn all about windsurfing and even kitesurfing on flat waters. For those in the know the further North you head the better the conditions. Egypt is such a great place for beginners, there are some excellent lagoons with reliable winds and flat waters that’ll be perfect for grasping the basics.


Greece is a great place to visit for so many reasons. Its many islands see holiday goers year-round hoping to take in the sites and enjoy the toasty weather that the Mediterranean promises. But did you know it’s also an excellent spot to take to the waves? Thanks to its range of islands it’s a great place for beginners and pros alike. Rhodes is an excellent place for it, the calmer winds in the morning are great for novices to get to grips where as stronger winds later in the day are perfect for the veterans looking for steeper waves. During summer the island of Naxos is one of Europe’s top spots for windsurfing thanks to the strong Aegean winds. Kos is also a popular destination, head to Kefalos Bay for the best conditions there. What better way to take in the beautiful picturesque sights of Greece than on the open waves?


Another year-round, excellent spot, Morocco boasts over 2,200 miles of coastline with nice warm waters and steady winds. Naturally with so much coastline there are plenty of places to partake in the activity. One hot spot for surfers however is Essaouira, an ancient fortified town in Morocco. This is great for intermediate surfers looking for good winds that bring the waters a notch up without throwing them off the board at every given chance. Though Beginners too can find flat waters not far from here, especially between May and September.

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