Windsurfing – Let’s Get Started

Often when getting into a new hobby or sport it can be hard to know where to begin, particularly with something like windsurfing. It isn’t like football where you can just go and grab a ball and start kicking it about, there is a certain amount of equipment involved that will require a certain amount of understanding and all too often it can put you off bothering all together. Fear not though dear reader we have a few tips to help you get set up and ready to cruise the waves on the winds in no time.

First up, it may sound obvious but there is no better way to get to grips with the basics of windsurfing than taking a few lessons beforehand. It’s worth finding out the closest place to you that offers these services. They’ll get you started teaching you the basics about the equipment you’ll be using, the gear you’ll need for the area you’re surfing in and of course how to actually operate the board itself. It’s worth noting that windsurfing is not a cheap hobby, especially when it comes to purchasing your own equipment so you want to make sure you purchase all of the right equipment, these lessons should help you with that too.

If you’re looking into getting your own equipment then you’ll want to start out with the basics. It’s easy to want to go for the top of the line ‘what the pros use’ option but that’s not always the best idea. Start out with a larger board, one that’s stable with plenty of buoyancy. This will help you keep balance as you’re trying to get to grips with surfing and hopefully keep you from falling off it every time you’re hit by a stiff breeze.

Once you’ve picked your board the next step is to get yourself a boom, a mast and a sail. You’re best to start out with a smaller sail, I know you may want to get the bigger sail to satisfy your need for speed but the smaller sail will be much easier to start with. Bigger sails may be baster but they’re also much harder to control, not to mention heavier, you’ll need to pull that sail out of the water to get started after all.

Now that you have your equipment ready let’s take a look at what gear you’ll want to get to start out. To be honest this all depends on where you’re planning on surfing but you may want to get yourself a wetsuit, especially in colder climates. They aren’t particularly expensive and they’ll come in handy if you get the water sports bug. The same goes for wetsuit shoes or boots which will also help keep you warm, as well as protect your feet from cuts and scrapes in the water and provide extra grip whilst surfing which is never a bad thing. Finally, you’ll need a life vest or buoyancy aid, safety is no joke! Now that you have everything all you need to do is get out there and enjoy yourself, you’ll be ready for that big sail in no time.

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